An automat is a fast food restaurant where simple foods and drink are served by vending machines. The world's first automat was named Quisisana, which opened in Berlin, Germany in 1895.  


automat is providing creative solutions by providing the latest technology in vending machines.

Our machines: one of the highest quality brand worldwide and can handle the high quantity of products, this will lead minimalized downtime and more products sale.

Our service: it’s not simply providing vending machine it’s more. We sell machines and products such as ( coffee beans, milk powder, snack, mobile accessories, perfumes, flowers, ice cream, hot sandwich, and chocolate … etc ) also we lease vending machines and we operate vending machines for big companies. also, we provide logistics for filling machines.

Our target: to make our Solutions is the preferred option for the customer by

1- Availability 24/7 .

2- minimize labors cost.

3- providing varieties of products.


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