About us

About Us

BYTECODE is creative digital design and programming agency creating world-class user experiences across web, e-commerce & mobile applications Based on Dammam city.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premiere website and app development company for forward looking and innovation minded individuals. Just like a new piece of technology, we want all BYTECODE designs to impress viewers with aesthetics and functionally long after they leave. We will achieve this by artistic collaboration, developing new concepts, and making design creative again.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create your vision. We want to use our artistic expertise to help your vision come to life. We are the artists and you are the commissioner.  By working closely with you, we will develop an easy to use and beautifully sculpted app or website that you are proud to show to your customers.

Our Goals

We take our goals seriously, that’s why we have them posted in our office entrance for our employees to see every day when they walk through the door. We also perform a “goal audit” every quarter. Our goals are:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Client Retention
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Innovation


We here at BYTECODE take our philosophy seriously and ensure that it is deeply rooted in our employees and our office culture. Our experience has taught us that the best work comes from vertical and horizontal collaboration. Therefore, our Corporate Philosophy is to build meaningful and strong relationships with our clients so that we can help materialize their visions. App and website development is more than just coding fancy looking pages, we believe that our designs should invoke human emotions and feelings to separate you from the rest. When a customer visits your website or uses your app, we expect them to immediately be wowed by its art and function. Complacency is our number one business risk that we strive to combat everyday.

It is not easy to find designers that share these ideals. That is why our designers are selectively chosen to ensure that they share our philosophy. By doing this, we built and maintain a workplace culture that is friendly, client centered, and innovative. We expect our designers to try new things and reward them for pitching new ideas.


We strive to (and always do!) provide all of our clients with:


  • Outstanding Professionalism – We treat all of our clients with respect throughout the entire process. Our business is inherently conducted at arm’s length, but we consider you our friends nonetheless!


  • Constant Communication – Great ideas don’t materialize in an instant. If your vision changes, we want to be available to you at all times!


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed on the Final Product – We are designing your vision, if you are not happy with the final product, let us know and we’ll work tirelessly until you’re satisfied!


  • Unique Ideas and Designs – Many designers copy boilerplate templates from their competition. This causes many apps and sites to look boring and familiar. We want your website to stand out from the crowd.


We understand that your app or website is the face of your company and we are truly honored that you trust us with your design. Our clients are the center of our business!


Our approach to website and mobile application development and design is forward looking and client focused. We begin by listening to your needs, wants, and visions for your final product. We then conduct market research to determine what works best in your field. From there, we begin to map out how the final product should look. We focus on innovative and unique styles that will make your website or mobile app stand out and create a lasting impression on your customers. We then hand the design off to our expert developers who create and test all aspects of the final product.


Throughout the entire process, our team is client oriented. We will solicit your feedback and opinion at multiple points throughout development and design. If at any point you have something to add, or simply want us to start over, we welcome your voice. We are artists and this is our life’s work. Our worst case scenario is delivering a product that our clients are not 100% satisfied with!